Who Comes To America's Aid

 Today I read that the outgoing Congress of the United States is contemplating a huge boondoggle for Ukraine. Understand that Ukraine is a country with zero interest in taking care of the United States. Why are Democrat politicians looking to send this corrupt country a $1,000,000,000,000 gift of taxpayer funds? This country that birders Russia is not a state of the union. 

The United States is already in a shitload of trouble when it comes to the economy. But now we should finance the rebuilding of a country like Ukraine? I think this is a terrible idea and unwanted burden to place upon the United States taxpayer.

This can only be seen by me as hush money. Remember, the Biden crime family could care less about American issues. Homelessness, poverty, and crime, are a small sample of some of the issues that this money could be used for within your own borders. We have to take care of home before seeking to funnel money into a country that has no means for repaying us for all of this extortion money.

I'm making it my business like Jeremiah Babe in the below video to seek out others that need assistance. If we as citizens can't start to take care of the common everyday man here in America, we are lost as a society. Do anything that your can. No matter how small you may think it is. Your politicians in Washington D.C. could care less about you.

AMC World

r/AMCSTOCK mod goes full “Hester Pierce” - slams DRS discussion; promotes YT’s grift attempt and misinformation, pins to the top; allows belligerent Reddit account to try and shame people into silence. 💯

**these (taking their phraseology) broker/dealer lovers need to be always called out, this isn’t their movement, this is our movement - stay angry.** 🙂

Lol..and all this started with **Biggums** coming out with an **anti-DRS** tweet on a Friday or Thursday. It’s always starts with something really small.. lol. 

**TL;DR: it’s compromised, duh. Be aware, within the DRS narrative you find true people, outside of it you will be swimming with the (synthetic apes) sharks.**

As we all know, Heater Pierce holds a seat at SEC, and was filmed during an interview holding a cup that said “I ❤️ Citadel.”

Our counter-party enjoys placing people into certain positions in attempt to control the narrative and obstruct any meaningful progress that would benefit retail traders in an attempt to control meaningful reform and discussion.

Sound familiar? 

Use your eyes and your common sense, and we’ll just call it out and say it together: 

**the subreddit is compromised - obviously, duh……………. **🙂

I know I’m not breaking any new ground, about 93% of us know that already, so I’m really speaking to the other 7% that might have not caught on to what is going on. 

I think we’ve all known, or at least suspected, but the actions in the past 48 hours has really brought a definitive spot light to the issue. 

DRS is not considered financial advice by the SEC. 

Clearly we were allowed to discuss going from RH to WeBull, WeBull to Fidelity openly, however this time they are preventing any open discussion of DRS, the only discourse permitted is one where it is bashed and anyone who publicly expresses a different opinion is weirdly mocked and shamed into being quite (which never works). 

This type of blatant hypocrisy only exists because it wouldn’t serve the purpose of someone or anyone that would not benefit from such a move, there is clear attempt to prevent people from **gaining custody of their shares.**


1. The info can be publicize in a company’s 10Q, which is what Adam will start doing next earnings report, **a.k.a. a public share count.**

2. It will take the float certificates from the DTCC, and put the shares in a book-entry form in your name. Giving accurate data to any large agency trying to uncover the extent in which crime is being committed in the market.  

3. Prevents abusive shorting, and gives the price a floor. 

4. They also know that once you DRS you are **outside of their influence.**They can’t get you into a scam or grift with your shares. 

5. The stock has deeper value when it finally rises. 

You already knew all this, use your head, and let Adam Aron and Ryan Cohen give you agency in your decision making. 

Either you trust them, or some rando that really wants your money or shares and just farms you for credibility and visibility. 

She is clearly not here for the movement and anyone who is here for self-serving purpose while pretending to be our side should be called out every time. 


Bye Bye Blockfi

Pictured above was what I saw in BlockFi account a few days ago. They crypto loaning finance company has been destroyed by the SBF - FTX contagion. I knew something was a bit weird with this company months ago.
I had about $800 cash in fiat and over $1200 in USDC on theat service earning some really good interest. I now have less than $5 sitting here doing nothing. I could care less what happens to the remaining pennies in that account.
And yes, I havr removed the application from my paid off LG V60 phone.
I now only buy USDC for the exchanges for my long term savings in the $HIVE blockchain. Where the WEB3 environment pays in $HIVE tokens for doing all kinds of gaming and social media actions.